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how to perform a ritual

in just 7 steps.

Step 1 – purpose of the ritual

The first step in creating your own ritual  is to define what goal you want to achieve with it. 

The firstThe first step to creating your own ritual isto define

what goal do you want to achieve with it. 

choice of elements

and materials

Step 2 – choosing elements and materials

After defining your objective with the ritual, the next step is to choose the elements and materials that represent the wish you want to fulfill.

For this, you can research the meaning of objects and their associations. For example, peppers symbolize heat, stinging, fire and passion, as well as protection. If you are a writer and want enlightenment you can devote a pen.

The colors that will be used in the ritual are also important as each one has its meaning and its energy, besides, they act differently in our unconscious.

Plants and incense are also great elements.


Another strong element in magic rituals are words and mantras. Words have a lot of power and the mantras when repeated bring many benefits.

definition of the movements that will be carried out

by objects

Now that you've chosen all the elements, objects and symbols that will be part of your ritual, it's time to define which movements you will perform with them.

You can define movements that are similar to what you want. For example, if you want to move up in your career, in your ritual, the movement performed could be that of a doll climbing a ladder.

chooseI have the right moment

Step 4 – choosing

the right time

If you are used to studying about spells, you know that each day of the week has its power, just as each phase of the moon is favorable for a type of objective. Thus, the definition of the day and time is very important and will make all the difference for your ritual to take effect.

You can also identify an ideal time by looking at the moon phases in the calendar and the planetary hours in the planetary correspondence table.

By carrying out this analysis and planning, you are able to harness the natural currents of the universe to work in your favor. The more favorable the moment, the more powerful the magic.

cleaning the environment and

your body

Step 5 – Cleaning the environment

and your body

The fifth step in how to do a ritual is to rid yourself and the environment of negative energy. 

For spiritual cleansing of the environment, you can use materials such as indigo or coarse salt. 

To clean your body, the ideal is to prepare a cleansing and energizing bath. It can be a traditional coarse salt bath or an herbal bath. 

open the magic circle

Step 6 – open the magic circle

After doing all this cleansing and energizing, it's time to prepare the ritual. When you arrive at the chosen location, say your personal prayer out loud. The vibration of the sound of our words has a strong influence on the fulfillment of our wishes.

Afterwards, open the magic circle. This step is not mandatory in some rituals. It is most often used when the ritual involves more than one person or when it is necessary to delimit the spell's influence space.

If you need to open the circle in your ritual, you can do it by moving clockwise around the work area, either dancing or singing.

This circle delimits the zones of states of consciousness. Within this circle, nothing will disturb you or distract you. Your mind will remain in deeper layers and you will be protected from everything that should be outside.

execution of the ritual

Step 7 – performing the ritual

After the banishment and delimitation of the magic circle, it's time to start your ritual. Visualize your desire and focus on it.  

When you feel that it is time, do what you have defined, making the movements with your elements and materials.

Once finished, banish the place again, removing excess energies and auxiliary spirits.

Also don't forget to close the magic circle. To do this, walk counterclockwise. Fazer-um-ritual/

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