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On Sun 30 May 2021 15:41 Laura Andreato wrote:
Today is almost
 June. We've been in this for over a year. Whenever I go out in fear, I see those scribbles of yours. I like the feeling of the omnipresence of these skittish lyrics. A stubborn sign of life, a roadmap for one, for many.
I call you to help me say no.
What color should we do this with? Black the color of the dark that doesn't let you see? Red the color of the drama of the revolution or white the color of what you tried to erase?

On Mon May 31, 2021 01:21, MTKS wrote:
I know life is hard, but healing soon comes.
don't be afraid, where everything seems to end is where we'll be. in rubbish and disease, in rubble and gutters; but we will also be on the balconies of private properties, large estates and even public monuments.
we say no and subvert the public and private rule because everything is badly divided. the street is all ours because we who build it, we who feed it and in the end even take food off our plate. then we occupied, invaded and reappropriated.
with these skittish scribbles, our provocative scream. our art as a reporting tool. vandalism is the system, we make art. they ravage our lands, rot our waters, and poison our air. they just want to kill us in any breach they find.
and that's why we can't stop.
sometimes I'm also afraid, but the anger is greater.
It's almost June, but May 29, 2021 has shown that when a government is more dangerous than the virus, we'll paint the fear of anger any color and say no!


WhatsApp Image 2021-06-10 at 19.51_edit

The quality of responding and thinking negatively is claimed.


Just because.

Why not.

Denied by:





Refuses to:

           speak low,

           close the legs

           have good manners.


The denial whispers at dawn: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And the paint denies on the surface what the wall protects.

The word spreads grudgingly – because the negative is always grudgingly.


against crime

against absence



We walked escorted by a word breathed into the dark.

A denial is an act of defense 

On Mon Jun 21, 2021 12:31, Laura Andreato wrote:
The day before yesterday I went to the closet to look for a dress to put my fear into. I had a hard time finding among those I have something that would suit you. Flowers, full skirts, embroidery, nothing fit her. Everything felt soft and inappropriate. With what model could I convincingly fantasize him in anger? So I tried on a broad-shouldered jacket thinking about being a threat, about reacting to fear by making fear. I redrawn my eyes to make them look bigger and wide. Uncomfortably I tucked in my gums a vampire's dentures I'd found in childhood storage. I painted my lips bright red to better enhance the white canines. Then I thought it best to protect myself with a helmet, knee and elbow pads because I anticipated the inevitable shock. When I already had many layers on my body, I looked again at the flowered dress and this time I found it elegant and appropriate for the occasion. I put it on top of everything and finally felt ready to go out on the street. 

On Fri Jul 09 2021 07:54 MTKS wrote:
today fear almost made me succumb, I opened my eyes and woke up before the bones weighed even more against the bed making walking impossible.
I can't even count the weeks anymore, I continue my wanderings and take timeless risks.
there's no harm in lashing me and at night I remember that I'm not here just passing through.
it's all without massage, but in the end I can always take it. look attentive, I refuse and defend myself.
my path is sometimes crooked, but I'm always on the move.
when I get tired I sit. I no longer run because I stumble. but if I fall, I get up and start again
maybe no one understands my steps
and make judgments. but for so many expectations, my negative.
I lost my glasses and feel my eyes burn. I only see fire. cleansing, healing, transmuting. I believe disbelieving tomorrow.
walking, falling and rising. making mistakes, learning and starting over. expressing myself in my own way, I deny myself adequacy.
so I have no other alternative

say no

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