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Corisco e Ponto Fino
Lampião e


Inventory of seized objects belonging to the infamous Lampião:

HAT - made of leather, sertanejo type, decorated in high relief on its brims, with six signs of Solomon; Leather chinstrap, 46 centimeters long and decorated on both sides, with fifty-five (55) gold pieces, of varied manufacture, such as: buttons for collars, cuffs and business cards, with various inscriptions , such as: "SAILING, REMEMBERING, REMEMBRANCE and FRIENDSHIP", and in some, a "P" as an initial and in another "CL", and three more rings, one with a green stone, another a wedding ring and the third one with identity engraved the name «SANTINHA»; headband - leather four centimeters wide and twenty two centimeters long, where the following coins and medals are affixed: two with the engraving «DEUS TE GUIE», two pounds sterling, a Brazilian gold coin, with the effigy of «PEDRO II», from 1885, and two Brazilian gold ones, respectively, from 1776 and 1802; Rear barbicacho - leather, with the same dimensions as the forehead and decorated with the following gold pieces: two medals with the inscription of the word «AMOR» and one with the same inscription and a small diamond and four others of different designs(.. .)

Of which, for the record, I, Messias Ferreira da Silva, aspiring officer, answering for the adjutant of the Regiment, typed the present, in two copies, signed by cel. commander of the regiment, for the purposes of law.  

Regiment barracks, in Maceió, November 26, 1938.

Historical and Geographical Institute of Alagoas, Maceió.  

in Cangaço Aesthetics

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